SWIFT Mobile App

The SWIFT mobile app was meant to ease the installation, maintenance and commissioning of a SWIFT wireless fire system. The app was skinned for all three of Honeywell's fire brands (Fire-Lite, Honeywell and Notifier).

SWIFT mobile app in the three brand styles.


This project aimed to improve upon the existing outdated and clunky desktop software and create a mobile app that allows technicians to more easily install, diagnose, and manage a SWIFT wireless fire system.


I worked as a UI, interaction and visual designer on this project. I also assisted the research team with interviews and usablity tests to ensure we were meeting user needs.


As an existing offering, improving installation without heavily modifying the existing firmware was difficult. SWIFT also uses a proprietary radio signal, making communication to a mobile device difficult. It was also challenging to create similar functionality across three unique brand voices.