T9 & T10 Pro Thermostats

The Honeywell Home T9 and T10 Pro thermostats are simple to install and simple to use. When combined with Smart Room Sensors, they enable you to prioritize comfort to areas of your home when and where you need it most.

The T9 thermostat showing whole home sensor coverage.


This project originated from generative research showing users desired to fix hot and cold spots throughout their home. By letting users choose where to focus temperature control, they can be comfortable throughout their day. This lead to the creattion of a new thermostat and sensor family that utilize a unique priority feature.


I led the user interface and interaction design for the thermostat. This included concepting, wireframing, information architecture, and delivering specifications to developers. I also assisted the project’s UX researcher with usability tests, in-home visits, and user surveys.


The major challenges in this project included working with a screen that had extreme color, size and animation constraints. It was also challenging to design an approach to make the sensors and the priority modes understandable and useable by homeowners.